The Advancement of Learning: Book I

by Francis Bacon THEFIRST BOOK OF FRANCIS BACON;OF THE PROFICIENCE ANDADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING,DIVINE AND HUMAN. To the King. There were under the law, excellent King, both daily sacrifices and freewill offerings; the one proceeding upon ordinary observance, the other upon a devout cheerfulness: in like manner there belongeth to kings from their servants both tribute of […]


by Plato translated by Benjamin Jowett PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Theodorus, Theaetetus, Socrates. An Eleatic Stranger, whom Theodorus and Theaetetus bring with them. The younger Socrates, who is a silent auditor. THEODORUS: Here we are, Socrates, true to our agreement of yesterday; and we bring with us a stranger from Elea, who is a disciple […]

Of The Necessity Of Commencing With An Analysis Of Language

by John Stuart Mill from Chapter I, Book I, of A SYSTEM OF LOGIC, RATIOCINATIVE AND INDUCTIVE, BEING A CONNECTED VIEW OF THE PRINCIPLES OF EVIDENCE, AND THE METHODS OF SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION § 1. It is so much the established practice of writers on logic to commence their treatises by a few general observations (in […]

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