Neither Principles Nor Ideas Are Innate: Chapter I

by John Locke from “An Essay Concerning Humane Understanding” BOOK I—NEITHER PRINCIPLES NOR IDEAS ARE INNATE CHAPTER I.—NO INNATE SPECULATIVE PRINCIPLES. 1. The way shown how we come by any Knowledge, sufficient to prove it not innate. It is an established opinion amongst some men, that there are in the understanding certain INNATE PRINCIPLES; some […]


by Plato PERSONS OF THE DIALOGUE: Socrates, Theodorus, Theaetetus. Euclid and Terpsion meet in front of Euclid’s house in Megara; they enter the house, and the dialogue is read to them by a servant. EUCLID: Have you only just arrived from the country, Terpsion? TERPSION: No, I came some time ago: and I have been […]

Of Ideas, Their Origin, Composition, Connexion, Abstraction

by David Hume from “A Treatise of Human Nature” BOOK I. OF THE UNDERSTANDING PART I. OF IDEAS, THEIR ORIGIN, COMPOSITION, CONNEXION, ABSTRACTION, ETC. SECT. I. OF THE ORIGIN OF OUR IDEAS. All the perceptions of the human mind resolve themselves into two distinct kinds, which I shall call IMPRESSIONS and IDEAS. The difference betwixt […]

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